Will Ferris

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Will is a Central Michigan University graduate with over 10 years of logistics experience.  He is a founding member of the ALS Specialized and Flatbed department.  The specialized team takes care of the most challenging and demanding shipments ALS hauls as a company.  Will is responsible for many of our largest specialized accounts, and finding solutions for some of the most demanding clients in the industry.  He loves the challenge and continues to learn something new almost every day.  Will keeps moving the company forward as a recent graduate of the Leadership Jackson Course.  He loves working for a growing, family-owned business where the employees are truly treated like family.

Will grew up in West Michigan, and had trucking in his blood from a young age.  His uncle owned a trucking company in West Michigan, and his Grandma was an early pioneering female truck driver.  Will likes to travel and is always ready for an adventure.  He also really enjoys spending time with his friends and young family.  Will’s daughter Sophie was born in October of 2016, and she is the reason he works so hard every day.