No News is Good News

In business, we often hear that over-communication can be a good thing.  But let’s be honest – you don’t need your partners and vendors calling or emailing you daily saying that things are going well.  You hope that things are running smoothly behind the scenes, and you don’t need an update on how great things are going (although once in a while, that can be nice!).

At ALS, we see it as our job to stay on top of our clients’ supply chain and logistics, anticipating problems before they happen and addressing them quickly on the rare instances they occur.  We communicate quickly and transparently with customers when issues arise – but mostly, our customers don’t need to hear from us.  They have plenty of other issues every day to keep their inboxes full and their time stretched.

That’s the value of an experienced 3PL solution.  Most of the time, things in your supply chain run smoothly.  It’s when they don’t – when an exception occurs – that you need a seasoned partner in your corner.  A partner who can expect the unexpected and make the changes necessary to keep your strategy on course.  ALS excels when an exception occurs.  99% of the time, everything goes just as we planned with our clients.  The other 1% of the time is what can make or break business deadlines, client commitments, and customer loyalty.  Those are the times our customers are so thankful that they have us as a partner to handle these exceptions.

We pride ourselves on reliability and resiliency.  Our blend of people, process, and technology means that you will always receive the most modern methods of up-to-the-minute communications when you need them, delivered by an experienced team who really cares.  Resiliency is the promise we make to you – we keep you covered and help you bounce back if anything does go wrong.  Take this recent case with our customer Meridian Magnesium, where ALS stepped in immediately and began correcting problems and covering bases to keep production up and running for Ford Motor Company and General Motors.

We’re certainly not saying we don’t communicate with customers.  We do.  Forming a strong and trust-based relationship with our customers is part of our covenant.  But, we want you to know that if you don’t hear from us, it doesn’t mean there’s not a lot going on behind the scenes.  We’ve got your back, 24/7, and we’ll cover you when the unexpected occurs.

If this sounds like the type of partner your supply chain needs, reach out.  We’re happy to show you the ways we’ve got you covered.

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