Technology to Protect Your Promises

This is our third post in a series explaining the three pillars of our solution: people, process, and technology.  Today, we’re focusing on technology, a huge component of our offering and one of the critical elements that drives our customers’ success.  The technology we utilize makes it easy for us to stay on top of your supply chain, provide real time visibility on shipments and cost and most importantly, understand and predict exceptions in the logistics process.

We’ve previously explored the Amazon Effect and how it’s changing the supply chain landscape.  Logistics is not immune to the expectation of instant gratification.  At ALS, we recognize that our clients demand to know where their freight is at any given time.  One response to this expectation is superior technology.  We use the best real-time execution and reporting tools on the market.  Our Transportation Management System allows our clients real time visibility into where their freight is, how much it will cost and when they can expect it to deliver.

In our experience, when everything is going well, our customers don’t want to hear from us.  Scheduled updates such as emails from their account managers or regular reporting takes care of most communication with our customers.  However, we all know that life happens.  Unexpected events occur and shipments can be delayed.  That is why we focus on exception management and reporting.  In these instances, we are able to identify the moment a shipment is in jeopardy, allowing us and our clients the opportunity to make the best cost and service-based decision to protect the delivery.

Knowing where your shipment is and when it will deliver is only part of our technology portfolio.  In addition, our clients need unique reports based on their performance indicators to make sure they are getting the value they expect from their service providers.  We create and publish custom reports based upon our client’s requirements.  They are designed to highlight trends and areas of financial and service improvements in the freight network.  Another important part of the technology portfolio is predictive modeling: looking out for the “what if” scenario.  We have the tools to predict the impact of rate increases and engineering change impacts to the freight network.

At ALS, we are an extension of your supply chain.  We offer industry knowledge and tools that are difficult for our clients to cost effectively manage in-house.  We provide recommendations that optimize the cost-benefit solution.  If you’re interested in learning about the difference that best-in-class technology can bring to your supply chain, reach out to us.  We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and show you the impact that ALS can make on your business.

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