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If you’ve been following along on our blog, you know that we often talk about the 3 pillars of our solution: people, process, and technology.  In our last blog, we dove into details on the “people” part of the solution.  Process is the next critical component, and we often say “process” is the most important word we use here at ALS.  Today, we’ll explain why.

Everything we do is centered on client satisfaction, and mitigating risk for our customers with every move.  One of the ways we are able to do this with a high degree of success is the various processes we adhere to.  We use a lot of methods like value stream mapping, business document reviews, and stability monitoring to help us capture those minute details that make the difference in day-to-day management.  Implementation of good processes takes time and experience.  At ALS, we care so much about these processes that we have an employee solely dedicated to their implementation.  His job is to make sure everything is done correctly so that our solution meets your needs.  His efforts are centered on incorporating customer feedback, to ensure both a tailored solution for each client, but also a consistent and proven product.

One of our most important workflows is called a Continuous Improvement Roadmap, or CIR.  Our customer-driven account management approach is built on a collaborative relationship, working together to develop performance indicators and activity summaries that matter to you.  This document allows us to make decisions together about where we should take your supply chain.

Here’s a brief case study to demonstrate the difference our specific processes make:

A retail partner came to us in late 2017 feeling a lot of pain with their previous provider.  They knew something was missing and they weren’t getting the attention they deserved.  With their peak season fast approaching, they needed someone who could hit the ground running and manage their supply chain with few interruptions.  We were able to put together an expedited form of implementation and project plan, and executed on that plan so that we were fully integrated with their systems and processes in time for their busy season.  Their supply chain required the management of a warehouse provider as well as managing transportation into big box retailers such as Amazon and Target with extremely strict delivery appointments.  ALS provided visibility into all of their shipments as well as monthly reporting to allow the company to understand and report on how things were going.  With the first holiday season together in the books, our customer said we performed above and beyond what they had expected and they were able to focus more on their core competencies than in years prior – resulting in their most profitable season yet.  They have stated they are excited to grow with our team into the future, and we are too.

If you’d like to see this type of supply chain success, or are not seeing the diligence and process and relationships from your provider that you deserve, please reach out to us.  Let’s have a conversation about how we can make this type of success a reality for your business.

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