A Company That Cares: The People Behind Our Business

Our 3PL solution, and everything we do here at ALS, is centered on an uncommon blend of people, process, and technology.  If you’ve been following along on our blog, you might recall that we consider these areas the 3 pillars that drive the success we’ve experienced over the last two decades.  Similar to a tripod, each of the three pieces is essential, and can’t perform properly without the others. Today, we’re focusing on the “People” component of our solution.

At ALS, we pride ourselves on providing logistics services that customers can count on.  We run our business based on a few simple values, and we keep to a customer covenant because we’re committed to building relationships and providing exemplary service.  Our people are the best and brightest, and they demonstrate that every day – that’s why we say they’re “Beyond Driven.”  In a market that’s currently chaotic and constantly changing, logistics are increasingly difficult to handle.  With new federal regulations, an existing driver shortage, and increased economic activity, the day-to-day management of complex supply chains can become overwhelming.  Having a knowledgeable partner that can be trusted and relied on has never been more important.

We have wonderful clients and partners, and they tell us time and again that they trust us to help their businesses.  They place their confidence in us because of our people.  Here’s a few facts about our team, and what makes them stand out:

  • Our staff boasts experience “in the seat.”  Our account managers have an average of 9.5 years of experience, and over 150 years of combined leadership experience.
  • We take a people-first approach.  No matter the size of the client – from Fortune 500 to a small family-owned business – we offer the same amount of urgency, attention, and focus.
  • We focus on our people.  We bring in the right talent, and work hard to develop them and retain them.  We know our solution does not work without them!
  • Our goal is always a long term client relationship.  We perform at the highest level, and our customers see the best results, when we engage on a personal level consistently
  • We are family-owned and that means each of our customers gets the family treatment: personal, customized, and committed.

Whether it’s day or night, a weekend or a holiday, our people are on point.  We know business doesn’t sleep, and so we stay with our customers every step of the way.  We truly partner with our clients and have their best interests in mind with every decision we make.

When choosing a 3PL partner or logistics provider, consider the key factors that will lead to your business success.  We find that most companies experience the most success when pairing with a provider that prides itself on their people.  We know our team is outstanding, and offers the skills and the commitment to move the needle on your supply chain challenges.  If you’re in the process of choosing a partner, or have any questions that we can answer, reach out.  We always welcome the chance to prove the tremendous results our team can achieve.

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