Automated Logistics Systems: An uncommon combination for supply chain success

What is now Automated Logistics Systems started before the Great Depression as a small motor freight company. Over the next several decades, this modest, family-owned business grew despite challenging economic times and personal setbacks. The organization eventually grew into what it is today – a true end-to-end logistics partner for companies throughout the continent.  We are an organization truly committed to our customers, and this commitment is backed by our covenant.  

Simply put, we provide non-asset transportation and value-add warehousing solutions, and for those customers having challenges with managing their end-to-end supply chain needs, we offer a third party logistics (3PL) solution. Everything we do is driven by an innovative blend of people, process, and technology.  Considering the robust technology that we offer, some customers ask us if we are a software vendor.  Our solution is more than software. In fact, our software is just a tool that enhances the people and process portions of our solution. In the end it takes all three ingredients – people, process, and technology – for ALS to “turn the wrench” to ensure that our 3PL solution is streamlined and cost-effective.

We work as a team for our clients, and we provide overall solutions with a few key components:

People – We pride ourselves on hiring smart people who truly care – people that are Beyond Driven. We trust them to quickly find the right carrier for your needs, offer transparent, up-to-the-minute communication, and recognize and solve any issues along the way.

Process – Our logistics specialists take great care in helping organizations design, plan, and manage supply chain solutions to fit the scope and requirements of each client’s operations.

Technology – We utilize best-in-class technology solutions to help us do our best work, efficiently and cost effectively. These tools allow us to respond quickly and reliably to exceptions in the supply chain, offering our customers solutions around service issues and cost.

None of these pillars is complete without the others. Our success – and that of our customers – is dependent upon our unique blend of people, process, and technology.

We like to say that we’re small enough to care, and large enough to compete. The consistent feedback we’ve gotten from customers over the last few years is that the transportation and logistics industry is becoming increasingly complex and potentially frustrating to manage on their own. In a rapidly changing landscape of industry mandates, capacity challenges, and increased economic activity, the challenges can feel overwhelming. This blog is the first in a series where we’ll focus on customer solutions -specifically 3PL offerings – that can help make your job easier. Be sure to follow along!

If you find yourself worrying about where your freight is, how much it will cost, when items will arrive, and if you’ll end up disappointing customers – we should talk. We supply the people and the commitment to help you grow. Visit us or give us a call, and let’s see if we can alleviate some of the pain around your supply chain.

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