Cultivating Leadership at ALS

At ALS we believe in investing in our people; we also want to support and help to build/maintain a healthy and vibrant community. In September of 2017 Nicole Banister, After Hours/Track and Trace Team Lead began Leadership Jackson training through the Jackson Chamber of Commerce. This program is designed to enhance leadership skills while building community awareness.

In addition to bi-monthly sessions, participants must complete required activities including attending Chamber events, working with a mentor, and completing a class service project.  Participants also select three additional activities to complete to further benefit them in the learning process.  As one of her elective activities, Nicole successfully became Jackson Certified, a certification that challenges individuals and organizations to grow and test their community knowledge.

Nicole will complete the Leadership Jackson program in March, with graduation in April.  We would like to congratulate Nicole on her accomplishments and commend her dedication to the Jackson community!


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