Unveiling New 3PL Solutions

Autumn is a time to celebrate change, and we’re doing just that at ALS. This November, we not only restructured our 3PL division but also deployed new best-in-class technology that provides increased visibility and tracking. This new structure will allow us to deliver fast, flexible solutions to real time supply chain problems.

This, in a way, was our response to the “Amazon effect” sweeping the industry. While technology and transportation were considered unrelated fields up until even a decade ago, everything changed in 2005 when Amazon first offered free two-day shipping to its Prime members. As the service took off, customers began to not only expect other suppliers to do the same but demand it. This completely revolutionized the logistics industry and expanded its capabilities beyond what anyone predicted.

Our new, easy-to-navigate software provides real-time tracking and consolidates the entire order-to-cash process into a single portal. This combination processes orders faster than ever and thus keeps our customers on the frontlines of their industries. 

Here at ALS, we understand that fast shipping is more than just a convenience—it’s a necessity for any business that wants to optimize their operations. On-time, dependable shipping enables a company to better predict their inventory needs and thus shrink their bottom line.

Now more than ever before, we’re equipped to help our customers pursue excellence and execute their logistics with precision.

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