Leon Case Study

In May 2016, Leon Interiors, a global provider of automotive soft interior trim components, approached ALS for a cost-effective way to transport goods from suppliers in Michigan to Laredo, TX.


  • Inconsistency in delivery times due to LTL shipments from over 25 vendors
  • Leon’s suppliers had to have the shipment ready by Monday each week to accommodate variable transit times
  • Damaged or lost shipments due to multiple handlings of each load


  • Coordinated two milk runs on the east and west sides of Michigan that met in Jackson each Wednesday
  • Used weekly supply to determine flexible pickup and route design for vendors
  • Reduced shipping costs, cut transit time, and eliminated the multiple handling of goods by using our trusted carriers

Why Leon Interiors Came to ALS

Throughout its 25-year history, ALS has proved true to its mission of beingĀ Beyond Driven and treating its customers like family. Our experience with southbound shipping to Mexico has allowed us to become a competitive option for customers seeking consolidation. Our innovative approach not only helped Leon save nearly $5,000 per week but also gave Leon a peace of mind by reducing risk of damaged goods.


ALS helped save a considerable amount of resources through consolidation and accurate scheduling. Through efficiency alone, we were able to help Leon reduce its bottom line.

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