Faurecia Fraser Case Study

Faurecia, the world’s number one supplier of seat frames, emissions control technologies, and vehicle interiors, approached Automated Logistics for a cross-borders solution to strategically handle shipments from Mexico.


  • Inability to track shipments in Mexico
  • Unnecessarily high inventory rates in response to the unknown arrival of each shipment
  • Multiple trucks hitting the same docks for daily deliveries


  • Collaborated with the Fraser team to determine what times and frequency worked best for them
  • Set up milk runs in Mexico and Texas to cut down on trucks and scheduled routes to maximize utilization of each consolidation truck
  • Compiled daily tracking reports to show where each shipment was located and provide its ETA
  • Created BOLS for consolidation trucks to know what freight they were carrying when they arrived for delivery


  • 92.5% trailer utilization
  • Less trucks/congestion at Faurecia docks
  • Lower inventory and overall costs
  • Increased flexibility

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