Makino Case Study

In November 2015, Makino, a global provider of metal-cutting and manufacturing technology, approached ALS for a timely solution to a high-value machine move from Mexico.


  • Makino needed a solution provider to assess, plan, and execute the move within a month to avoid a significant penalty fee.
  • Any deviation in handling would cause severe damage to the integrity of the micrometer synchronization of the machine and result in a significant loss of value.
  • To meet project deadlines, this cross-border move from Mexico had to occur the week before Christmas.


  • Coordinated efforts between rigging, crating, and transport crews and regular updates to ensure that the project was executed on time.
  • Implemented a performance plan to ensure proper handling of all thirty-six over-sized pieces and accommodate the machine’s sensitivity
  • Navigated cross-border regulations with dexterity to orchestrate the move without compromising the machine’s value

Why Makino Came to ALS

Throughout its 25-year history, ALS has proved true to its mission of being Beyond Driven and treating customers like family. Our experience with specialized projects and shipments in Mexico has allowed us to become a competitive option for customers seeking specialized transportation. This proof of performance allowed Makino to trust ALS with the detailed regulations of this move.


ALS was ready to propose a solution to accommodate the strict timeline and product requirements within one week of being contacted by Makino. Through proactive management, ALS maintained the service schedule and complex regulations of a cross-border move to deliver the high-value machine undamaged. This successful collaboration has led to a strong partnership that continues to provide positive opportunities for growth.

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