On the Border: Warehousing in Laredo

By: Nathan Jones

When it comes to warehousing, many companies simply look to store materials until they need their products.  At Automated Logistics Systems, we aim to make our warehouse a tool you can utilize to help your business become more efficient.  With 77,000 ft² of warehouse storage space, our warehousing in Laredo, Texas provides a safe and convenient location to store your products close to the Mexican border.  We look to provide flexibility to suit your needs with hours for loading and unloading that can accommodate whenever your materials need moving.

Creating Value

Warehousing is more than a pit stop for your products. It is an opportunity in your supply chain to create value for your company. To do this properly you need a special team at a special warehouse. An impressive feature at the ALS warehouse that cannot be found just anywhere are our two overhead cranes as well as a 60,000-pound forklift and two 5,000-pound forklifts.

Our team can live load and unload as well as take your shipments off the truck and store them briefly until a second truck is ready to pick up. With our consolidation service, we set up local delivery to move your products straight to your doorstep. We also provide a sophisticated inventory system that allows you to check on your inventory at any time, day or night.

Single Source Solution

Just as we deliver products door-to-door for your convenience, we pride ourselves on being your single source solution to serve your shipping and warehouse needs.  From our online inventory system to our drive-in bays for easy transfer of products, we focus on providing a reliable solution to store products in a safe and secure facility.

We combine 24/7 monitoring and security personnel with a locked yard for trailer storage to provide you with peace of mind.  All of these advantages create additional value for you as our customer and guarantee the best possible care for your freight.

Ease of Access

Many of our customers have stated that their biggest concerns are the difficulties they’ve had crossing the Mexican border and clearing customs regulations.  Our experienced staff can help you navigate the border and take care of any frustrations, making sure your shipment doesn’t get stuck in customs.

One service we utilize frequently is our transload capability, in which we take freight from our Mexican carrier and transfer it to a United States carrier, keeping costs low as the high prices of an international carrier is eliminated.   We also have a wide network of carrier contacts in both Mexico and America, which can save you money as we can put together the best possible rate for you.

At ALS, every move we make is driven by our desire to provide industry-leading solutions for our customers. When it comes to warehousing, our knowledgeable staff and convenient location allow you to manage the movement and storage of your goods in the most efficient manner possible.  Choosing ALS as your warehouse provider means you can rest assured that we will go above and beyond to grow your business, one pallet at a time.

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