Serving the Jackson Region

By: Joshua Cameon

Jackson, Michigan perfectly embodies the brand of Automated Logistics Systems: large enough to compete, but small enough to care!  We pride ourselves in this phrase, and the city of Jackson is a reflection of our brand. We are truly committed to serving the Jackson area.  The Parker family, who owns and operates ALS, have had roots in this area for over 25 years now.  During this time, they have supported and invested in a healthy and vibrant community.  ALS invests in the people who live in Jackson by hiring local employees who are then able to be productive members of the local community.

Investing in the Future

Automated Logistics Systems is a supporter of the Jackson Anchor Initiative.  This Anchor Initiative is a community program that asks Jackson based companies to support the community, to hire local employees, and to do everything they can to make the Jackson area an appealing place to work and live.  As a supporter of the Anchor Initiative, ALS provides viable logistics support to local businesses, working hand-in-hand to stay connected to the community and to support businesses working to make Jackson a better place.  In doing so, ALS has become the leading logistics provider for the Jackson area.

While ALS regularly hires logistics interns from all around the state, there are special opportunities for students at local institutions.  ALS hires interns from three local schools, the first being Lumen Christi Catholic School.  High school students are given a professional, business experience in logistics and sales before entering college.  Students are also hired from Jackson College and Hillsdale College.  ALS has committed to Hillsdale by creating an office space right on the campus of Hillsdale College and by hiring students from the college.  ALS has noticed the benefit of investing in students.  The experience provides them with valuable workplace experience and a strong foundation for a potential career.  The internship program provides ALS with new ideas from students with diverse backgrounds who are ready to contribute to the organization.  This commitment keeps talented individuals in the area.

Driving Local Business

All too often, ALS will see local Jackson companies run to the “big boys” in the logistics market because of the scope of services they provide.  What these companies don’t know is that ALS provides identical services as the big name logistics providers, but emphasizes the care and commitment which other companies cannot match.  A logistics provider is necessarily an extension of a company’s supply chain.  That extension is best served when the logistics provider is “in your backyard” and ready to help.  ALS has the presence and knowledge of the Jackson area to be the premier logistics provider for Jackson based businesses.

The work ALS performs does not stop at the boundaries of our zip code.  The commitment to the “Pure Jackson” and “Pure Michigan” campaigns have allowed ALS to help many companies across Michigan.  A huge part of ALS is transportation service in the automotive industry, embodied by the Detroit metropolitan area.  A large pool of companies that use ALS are based near Detroit and are in the automotive industry.  The support ALS provides in this part of Michigan keeps the auto industry’s wheels turning.

ALS continues to serve the Jackson area by investing in local people and businesses.  Our time, effort, and commitment spent supporting the local community is matched by no other logistics company.  ALS is committed to being Michigan’s best logistics provider!

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