Automated Logistics Systems: Customer Service Driven by Our Covenant

By: Joshua Cameon

A covenant is a formal, binding agreement or compact that directs and drives action.  Automated Logistics Systems has created a covenant to guide how we do business.  At Automated Logistics Systems, every employee puts the covenant into action in every aspect of work that they perform. The ‘covenant’ is not a buzzword; it is exactly who we are. As an integral part of who we are, the covenant pushes every employee to go beyond the effort necessary in order to complete a job well done.

meeting pic 4The ALS Covenant states:

ALS succeeds because we’re committed to building strong customer relationships right from the start. Our passion embodies a job well done, providing exemplary service delivered by employees who genuinely care.

Every move we make matters—how we work, how we think, how we communicate. We’re sincerely “Beyond Driven.”

The customer relationship is the first thing the ALS covenant addresses and for good reason: customer satisfaction is the reason why we continue to succeed. Every company can claim they care about the customer, but they cannot match what we have to offer. ALS provides superior customer service at every stage of the customer’s shipment. The long term customer relationship is something we take pride in establishing. The passion and commitment demonstrated by ALS defines a company that truly wants to take care of the customer and make them feel at home.

Going the Extra Mile

Employees go the extra mile for every customer to ensure the job exceeds expectations. The sales team and account managers are proactive by looking to eliminate pain points for the customer, pain points other logistics providers may not be able to handle.  The carrier sales team works hard to find a reliable, effective carrier to move the shipment. The track and trace team will work 24/7 to make sure the load is delivered to the right place, at the right time, always striving for a perfect order.

The team puts themselves under the microscope and knows that everything they do during the day matters and has a real impact, both for ALS and for every customer. This affects how ALS employees work, think, and communicate throughout the day.

The passion required to uphold this covenant is personified in the meaning of our tagline: “Beyond Driven.” We will go beyond great service, beyond extra effort, beyond the skill and attention of other competitors. The word ‘driven’ embodies the passion employees feel and the determination to deliver a job well-done beyond the singular service of trucking.

Our covenant is seen in every part of our work. From the vindication employees feel when building a good customer relationship to the satisfaction of our customers when they receive a perfect order, the covenant is a force behind every move of ALS. The covenant pushes employees to be “Beyond Driven” for each and every customer.


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