An Energized Image Keeping Pace With the Ever-Changing Logistics Industry

By: Tucker Phillips

Succeeding in the world of commerce requires a management team who realize positive growth without letting up on the gas pedal. Every business has an image, and this image may need to change with a fluctuating market, an ever-changing culture, and the growth of the company. Recently, management at Automated Logistics Systems realized now was the time to update the image and face of ALS to a modern, streamlined feel that still conveys principles of family, value, and service.

Our New Look

Over the past few months, ALS has worked with Real Big Marketing, a Jackson, MI based company, to create a new logo, tagline, and website. On June 14, the new website was rolled out with an entirely new color scheme, layout, and easily accessible information providing potential customers with the information they need to make informed decisions. Company-wide email signatures were also changed on this day, featuring the new logo and tagline. This rollout will continue, with gradual company image updates, until July 11, the formal Opening Day and rollout of the complete updated ALS brand image.

Along with Real Big Marketing, ALS partnered with JTV, a public broadcast network local to ALS headquarters in Jackson, MI, to create a promotional spotlight and increase awareness in the community. JTV has a history of promoting local commerce and community, giving us another avenue of outreach. Utilizing JTV’s far reaching influence in the community, and their reputation for increasing awareness of community-focused companies, ALS receives beneficial exposure. With the large amount of population touched by the broadcast network, top-of-mind awareness for ALS within the community is able to remain at an all-time high.Shield-Master3_edit

Staying True to What Matters Most

The entire process of rebranding has placed new emphasis on the objective, values, and core competencies of ALS. Our new tagline, Beyond Driven, is integrated into every part of this new rollout, ensuring customer awareness. This slogan is our way of conveying that, no matter what, our priority is to go above and beyond any and all expectations the customer may have for logistics services. We have operated on these guidelines for 90 years, and will continue to produce new and innovative logistics solutions.

We want every customer to know that ALS is there for them whenever and wherever they are needed. While our image has been updated to reflect our core competencies and values, the people and organization that has been assisting our customers for decades is still right here, in Jackson, MI. We truly see you as part of our family and will go the extra mile each and every time to ensure that your needs are filled and your expectations are exceeded. Staying Beyond Driven is not only our tagline: it is our joy, our passion, and our drive.

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