Interested in becoming an ALS carrier? Please click here to begin the process. Our end-to-end logistics specialists are trained to match and optimize the needs of our customers to the capabilities of our carriers. Setting up successful shipments is where we shine. Our specialists understand the carrier’s capacity and the shipper’s need, facilitating Milk Runs, Expedites, FTLs, LTLs, Flatbeds, Specialty Size, or International shipments.

We Hire Experienced Logistics Carriers

At ALS, we pride ourselves in sourcing only the best and most efficient carriers in the country. Over the years, we have done just that. We set the standard up front with each and every carrier, every time. The high expectations we set for ourselves translate directly through to our premium carrier decisions.

We understand that carriers and carrier companies are the faces of ALS. We continue to perfect and protect the sourcing process, ensuring that only the best, hand-picked carriers move client freight. Our standards for the carriers are high; timeliness, communication, visibility, and respect.  They are the qualities which make our services superior. We provide this level of care and our customers to expect nothing less.

A Logistics Process Carriers Can Depend On

As a carrier for ALS, you will work alongside the best and brightest in the business. We’re looking out for you, managing lanes and loads so you can focus on improving the bottom line. With a full team dedicated to carriers around the clock, we perform the right way, on time, every time.

    • Our team of specialists, along with the latest logistics technology, monitor the carrier-shipper process from end-to-end
    • We handle all documentation and communication between our carriers and shippers from start to finish
    • Our facilities offer extended, flexible loading and unloading times
  • Our staff is available 24/7 so questions can be answered day or night

Carriers can count on ALS to:

    • Provide timely, reliable payment
    • Commit and open an extensive list of dedicated freight for carriers who make the commitment to ALS
    • Work with a small group of contacts that you will get to know by name
    • Customize loads that fit your situation
    • Help enhance your operations to be more streamlined and cost-effective
  • Recognize and solve any carrier-shipper issues along the way

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