10 Steps to Prepare Your Supply Chain for the Automotive RESTART


Recorded Tuesday, April 28 at 10:00 AM EST/9:00 AM CST

Duration: 40 minutes

If today’s automotive supply chain landscape was not challenging enough, it has even become more challenging with Covid 19.  We have seen the automotive industry shut down in the past and we know that it can be even harder to start back up.  One of the best ways to meet this challenge is to have an effective restart plan and ensure that you are prepared for the resiliency that will be required to meet the unforeseen challenges of your restart plan.

In this webinar, we will address the industry challenges with real time information so that you can adjust where necessary.

You will learn:

  • Real time information on OEM start up plans
  • Resiliency options available to address major fluctuations in demand
  • Long term options to prepare for a return to standard.


Presented By:

Paul McDonald
VP Business Development
Automated Logistics Systems
Matt Eckler
VP Operations
Automated Logistics Systems